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Fact: Puppies are cute. Two weeks into the new semester, I’ve concluded that there has been an undeniable increase in puppies per capita. I haven’t observed this in the apartment complex, or around town, but rather on campus. I even have my first class with a dog in it this semester, which is exciting. The presence of seeing eye dogs in training around school has always piqued my interest. I like dogs as much as the next guy, pretty standard stuff – cute, fluffy, playful, splendidly dumb – but the thing that really interests me is the aftermath left in the wake of a passing golden retriever puppy, dressed to the nines in that little vest of his.

People literally stop. Angels sing and the masses part. Girls tear up. Guys eyes widen as they melt a little on the inside, then perform a random act of manliness, like spitting or breaking something, to get back to offest this overtly un-masculine act. I may or may not have witnessed the following outside of the SLC jittery joe’s the other day:

A girl stopped a dog and her trainer, asked the trainer if she could get their seeing eye dog in training to sit, then took a picture of it with their cellphone. Congrats, now you have ample opportunity to explain how much you love puppies every time someone asks about your iphone background. Sorry for staring, but I think that’s a little much.

I also have a seeing eye dog in my 5:00-6:15 international econ class two days a week. In training  a seeing eye dog, I’m sure that there is a system of punishments and rewards. An example: Sit. Good. Cookie. Awesome. A negative example: Sit. Dog doesn’t sit. Bad. No allowance for a week. Worse negative example: No allowance for a week. Dog’s thought: “Dude, bro, what’d I do?” Insight into dog’s thoughts in econ class: “What did I do to deserve this?! I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. It will never happen again, whatever it was, just don’t make me lay on this floor listening to the rationale for exchange rates and how trade barriers affects prices!” Sorry for staring, but I don’t think your dog likes economics.

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