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I didn’t watch the superbowl last year. I was in México, a country that treated the occasion like any other Sunday. I did as well, by drinking tequila and joya in my hammock and being as lazy as possible. Long story short, I eventually figured out that the superbowl was on, turned on my TV, and then watched until I figured out that the same commercials didn’t air at which point I turned the game off and continued drinking in my hammock.

My point here is that for those of us who don’t care about NFL football (and aren’t fairweather saints fans), the superbowl is nothing more than a collection of the year’s most awesome commercials. This year, I found myself staring at a few notables:

The Doritos Series – These 4 ads were some of my favorites. I had previously seen the coffin ad online, but the baby/dad on a date and the Doritos samurai were pretty solid. Something resonated with me about your crazy friend who really would make a samurai suit out of Doritos chips. Matt Lewis? I thought the barking collar ad was particularly funny. I speak to this out of experience. That’s right, when I was about 12, my 14 year old brother convinced me to give our dog Sandy’s barking collar a try on my own vocal chords. Long story short, after the meager-est of utterances, I can now say with confidence that those things bring the ruckus to one’s pipes – don’t put them on your dogs, or worse, let your dog put one on you.

I love the E*trade babies. Milk-a-holic. Get it? She’s a baby, so in stead of being an alcoholic she’s a milk a holic. Hahahahhaaa. And she’s napping around… Brilliant. As the great former OL wrangler Danny once sagely stated “I don’t like babies…they can’t hold a conversation.” The inherent truth in results in that there is something about an articulate, well spoken infant that makes you listen to every word he’s saying. Maybe it’s that for me, this paints a picture of a perfect world wherein I could like small children, but in the present I must maintain as a general policy not fraternizing with things that I can’t reason or communicate with. Where can I adopt one of these e*trade kids?

Brett Farve, MVP 2020 – The best bits of humor are based in truth and actuality. This ad featured Brett Farve accepting the 2020 superbowl MVP award and talking about whether or not he would be returning next season (note: this would be happening currently in a post-game press conference if it weren’t for that interception…). Will Brett Farve be coming back next year? I don’t really care, but I look forward to and welcome the interruptions of the never-ending stream of baseball highlights on Sportscenter all this summer.

Honorable mentions go out to the beaver who plays violin (funny by default – its a beaver. Who plays the violin…), the kid who let’s his dad fall off the ladder because of Megan  Fox’s multimedia message (I’ve almost done this myself, minus the Megan Fox. Sorry dad.), the Kayne/T-Pain style voice morphing bud light commercial (It was a LIttLLllEE LaaaAteEEE, but still applicable) the Punxsutawney Palamoau (shrunken celebs…always funny), and the hangover-style commercial about getting the whale out of the back of the Escalade, which reminds me of my night last night, minus the whale. And the Escalade.

Much like his soon to be pro career, the Tim Tebow ad attracted a lot of hype and delivered nothing particularly controversial or moving. I am, however, disappointed in CBS’s decision to politicize, but look forward to this response that will be run next year by the pro-choice movement.

I would also like to mention that this is the first football I’ve been able to watch this year without mistakenly thinking that the two teams in competition were Verison and at&t’s 3G maps.

And to conclude, I say that this video of the “Who Dat Dog” should have been shown during a commercial break just because it is awesome. Take that thing to Bourbon street tonight, he’ll have the time of his life.

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